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You have to expect things of yourself before
you can do them.

Train to Lose is offering Gym Services In Islamabad. We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income level or access to a gym. The most affordable and effective workout programs on the web, meal plans, and helpful health, nutrition and fitness information.

If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll
be hard to beats.

The only thing we endorse is eating unprocessed, whole foods, and working out for a strong, healthy body. As a business, we believe good things happen when you put people before profit. we have Expert Gym Trainer In Islamabad.

GYM Training In Islamabad Pakistan

Fitness Trainer In Islamabad Pakistan

gym in islamabad


We create a custom workout for you, depending on your existing weight, strength and your final fitness goals.


We believe the best way to achieve results is through consistency.  Come and join the group now and feel the difference.


Designed to let you work out on your own, and personally developed by us to target your most important fitness goals. 

gym in islamabad
Expert Gym Trainer In Islamabad
Get out of your

Hey, no one ever said getting an awesome, healthy body was easy.
that’s why the word work is in working out and Gym Services In Islamabad.

Are you ready to be amazed?

New workout videos released every week.

We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income or access to a gym. That’s why we offer hundreds of free, professionally built workout videos, for every fitness level and goal.

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Through a short survey, conversation and a movement assessment, our team will prescribe the perfect program to get you started and on track to meet your fitness goals. Check our plans:


Full-body workouts designed to build strength and endurance, using the energy of the group and the expertise of the certified personal trainer to maximize your results. See our membership plans:


One-on-one personalized workouts with a certified personal trainer designed to make you stronger from the inside out. For more about the plans click here:

With TrainToLoseWeight Gym: Get A Strong and Healthy Life:

Let’s Make Healthy Happen Expert Gym Trainer In Islamabad

Gym Services In Islamabad

have been keeping people fit and changing lives for over years. Our experience runs deep. We know the difference between cheap fads and time-proven techniques. We’ve learned the best ways to get your hearts pounding and your adrenaline pumping. We make sure all of our gyms have all the tools you need to perform your best.

TrainToLoseWeight Gym Services In Islamabad offering great but a team to support you is even better. When you work out at TrainToLoseWeight Gym, you’re surrounded by friends and champions who share your passion, and who raise each other to greatness. At TrainToLoseWeight Gym, you’ll find a positive, encouraging atmosphere. Train with us, and you’ll not only be part of the team, you’ll be part of the family.

Pricing plans

Go with your right one
weight training is islamabad


With Natural Diet
$15/ MO
muscles training


With Diet Plan
$20/ MO
lose weight


30 Weight Exercise Videos
$20/ MO
weight training


in 36 Days
$20/ MO


  • Last month I have started my online training with Ammar ali and in a month I have reduced 9 kg with his online training which includes his cardio exercises plus perfect diet plan. Guys he is the best instructor in town. Would highly recommend Expert Gym Trainer In Islamabad to all those looking to lose some belly fat in this coming Summer Season
    Ammar bhai all the way

    Basim Dilshad
  • Highly recommended to all looking for the right guidence in a good environment.guys i was a man fully disapointed from my body shape and over weight but Ammar one of da great coach who knows all the techniques nd the best trainer.i recomend him as the most beneficial trainer for all of us .

    Noormah Ali